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Overwhelmed by the choice of children's bikes available?

Updated: May 5, 2020

Check out the links below. My recommendation would be to buy the lightest bike you can afford whether it's for a child or yourself! A child has enough to cope with learning this new skill without having to manoeuvre or pick up a heavy, cumbersome bike. *** DO NOT FIT STABILISERS *** Can't ride yet? BOOK A PRIVATE LESSON - £30 for 1hr

- Just call 07856 718884 or e-mail lilleycoach@gmail.com

Scroll down the articles for the comparison table & remember whenever possible to support your local bike shops. Click below on the relevant link:

3-4yrs - http://www.cyclesprog.co.uk/bikes/best-bikes-3-4-year-old (14" wheels) 4-5yrs - http://www.cyclesprog.co.uk/…/best-bike-5-year-old-16-inch…/ 6-7yrs - http://www.cyclesprog.co.uk/…/best-20-wheel-bikes-6-year-o…/

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