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  • Where are cycling lessons held?
    Peterborough-Stamford-Corby-Thrapston & surrounding areas. Lessons can be provided further afield for an additional fee. General cycling - All lessons are held in a traffic free environment,. Cycle sport - As general cycling but if required, at an appropriate venue or location relevant to the discipline, e.g. track, BMX, road
  • How many lessons will I need to learn to cycle?
    It is possible to learn to cycle within just one lesson. Most people book 2-3 lessons initially to learn & refine the basics. After consolidating their basic skills &/or following the purchase of a new bike (with gears) or perhaps an e-bike they book further Development lessons.
  • Do I have to have a lesson every day or every week?
    No, it’s totally up to you but most people will opt for weekly lessons.
  • How long are the lessons?
    Minimum 1hr for Learn to Cycle, Developing Skills & Confidence lessons & Cycle Sport coaching. 30-45mins for Balance bikes. All lessons can be extended by prior agreement.
  • When are cycling lessons available?
    Depending upon your location cycling lessons are available throughout the year mainly at weekends & during school holidays.
  • Is a bike & a helmet provided for the cycling lesson?
    You will need to provide your own bicycle (without stabilisers) in full working order & preferably your own helmet. If you do not have a helmet one can be provided for use only during the lesson. Please ask for a helmet when making your booking.
  • I want to learn but am really scared & nervous about falling off. Can you help?
    YES! It's natural to feel that way because you understand the consequences of falling off, it hurts! You will learn at a pace that is comfortable for you & I will give you the knowledge you need to cycle confidently & safely. Please see my reviews for inspiration.
  • My child has a learning disability/difficulty. Can you teach them to cycle?
    Most likely, YES. Every rider is unique so I use different strategies accordingly. I have successfully taught many riders with a range of learning disabilities/difficulties such as ASD, ADHD, autistic, dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech delay, etc., so do get in touch to discuss your needs. Please also check out my reviews.
  • I can already cycle so how will a Development lesson help me?
    Poor technique lead can lead to discomfort, injury &/or a loss of energy. Whether you are a leisure or sporty cyclist a Development lesson is an ideal opportunity to have an expert cast an eye over your cycling technique & highlight areas that can be improved either for comfort &/or performance. People who have cycled for years are often surprised at how much they can learn & how to improve many cycling techniques such as starting, stopping, cornering, use of gears, one handed riding, etc. Sporty cyclists can learn more advanced skills & get tips on preparing for sportives or races. This may include how to eat & drink on the move, track cycling techniques & etiquette before venturing into a velodrome in order to maximise their experience, shave time of their Time Trial results with a standing starts review, improve their mounting/dismounting technique for cyclo-cross or learn how to do a BMX start balance.
  • Can I have a lesson with some friends or family?
    Learn to Cycle ADULTS - YES. CHILDREN - I can do joint lessons for twins but really don't recommend them for siblings at this stage. It usually ends up with an emotional breakdown in some form or other by the child who sees their sibling riding for the first time whilst they are still struggling. It would also depend upon location too as to whether it is practical. Also, they don't get that 1:1 time in the same way either. Whilst 1hr is a minimum session time I am flexible as to the total duration for siblings. I’d recommend splitting a lesson & a number of families have opted for 45 mins for each child but equally I can do 1hr each, 30/30mins or 15/45mins. We can work something out that suits you & your children best. Prices for joint & 1hr split lessons are slightly different so please enquire. Development Lessons YES, depending upon location & type of lesson these can be tailored to your specific requirements. Minimum duration 1hr.
  • What should I wear & bring to the lesson?
    Wear comfortable layers of clothing. Gloves are recommend in cold weather. Closed toe footwear all year around. Bring waterproofs if it looks showery! Also a water based drink & for younger children a small snack is also recommended. Don't forget your bike without stabilisers & a helmet.
  • What is the cost of a lesson?
    Lessons are from £45 per hour
  • Do you teach road safety (Bikeability)?
    All of the techniques & skills taught in my lessons are the fundamental skills required to cycle safely & confidently before venturing out on the road. Lessons can include starting, braking, stopping, correct use of gears, cornering, climbing, descending & one handed riding plus many other things that underpin good riding skills. Lessons take place in a traffic free environment, e.g. playground, cycle path, playing field. Specific road cycling safety is covered in Bikeability's 3 level programme as follows; - Level 1 (7yrs+) is conducted off road - Level 2 (9yrs+) intro to road cycling on quiet roads - Level 3 - Busy roads. NOTE: Riders must be able to cycle without stabilisers to participate in the Bikeability programme. Lilley's Cycling does not offer the Bikeability programme so please see for more info.
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